March 31, 2013

Get a free account from Gold

How to get a free account from Gold? Well it is very simple. Depositfiles made a campaign calling itself until 31/12/2010 Gold Night. This is after opening a free account (Free) to go on one of its partners promoting and click on a banner at a given time, and then we get a Gold account (called Premium in some of its competitors) for 24 hours or 1 week. The banners on the sites can benefit from this promotion for 1 hour every 24 hours, at a fixed time. Just so once the account to go click on the link every 24 hours or weeks for a continuous Gold account until the end of the year. To open an account you need is an email address, specify a user name, a username and password ...1. Opening an account We arrive at the following registration page where you fill in the various fields (marked in red):Get a free account from Gold ..2. Click on the following links for the indicated time(Summer time GMT +2 Paris)

1h to 2h :

4h to 5h : (clean)
7h to 8h : (SUSPICIOUS)
13h to 14h : (clean)
13h to 14h : (clean)
13h to 14h : (clean)
13h to 14h : (Tutorial)
16h to 17h : (clean)
18h to 19h : (clean)
22h to 23h : (SUSPICIOUS)
22h to 23h : (clean)
22h to 23h : (SUSPICIOUS)
22h to 23h : (SUSPICIOUS) (Tutorial) (Tutorial)

All these addresses were active in this publication. A text file (txt) containing these addresses also includes one other site with as 6am to 7am slot not shown here because adult content was visible without warning for the younger of us is available here. No checking the contents of its site has been verified. It is therefore the responsibility of everyone to ensure the legal content of these sites. 3. Click on the banner depositfile - Gold NightThe banner appears on one of the following forms:[TUTORIAL] Get a free account at Gold ..[TUTORIAL] Get a free account at Gold ..After clicking on it you must be back on the site, if everything went correctly you will see a message telling you that your account is past in gold:

Congratulations! You have now GOLD account!
Below there is a table with the latest lucky that your name will be registered as the happy winner with mention either 1 day (1day) or 1 week (1week). Once your reward expires you simply log into your account and go to click on one of the banners. If instead of the previous message telling you your winnings you get a message on the form:

Now the key is inactive. Please, try later. Time left to Gold Night: 1:05:05
This message indicates that for the moment the key is not active (not early), wait 1h05mn05s before the link becomes active for 1 hour. In this case, either you wait and you use the same link or you go to another site with the desired time. If you get the following message:

You have come from a Site That Does not participate in. the "Gold Night."
To apply for participation you can here. is that the link is no longer valid or not, it will look for another. [Post by the gold-Source +]


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