August 30, 2012

How exactly make money from adsense

How exactly make money from adsense 
Never guns you heard about someone who has generated thousands of dollars from google adsense? Have you ever heard the story despite its 10% ctr but generate $ 1 - $ 5 per click? Have you ever hoped to reveal how they could do the throttling and start making real money from adsense? If yes, be prepared because I will show how it can happen .....images-adsenseGoogle Adsense is an advertising program is remarkable because it involves such a large network and millions of websites. The program was originally designed only in the form of text ads with variations in size, but now has expanded into the form of an image ad. Text ads that have demonstrated success as kerelevananya the content / subject are shown from the site.Google adsense is also one of a very powerful weapon for the website publisher. Because he can turn websites into money making machines easily and if used properly it can generate income not less. However, if we do not use it well, and the maximum to generate income, the same as we allow the departure of the money that is available in front of the eye.To maximize your adsense revenue, there are 5 things that we need:1. Ad formats and placements right.2. Target keywords (keyword) value.3. As much as possible according to the target content.4. Fill in the relevant sites.5. Monitoring statistics are given in good google.Right ad format.In essence, to make money on adsense is how to increase the click through rate (CTR). What is the point so many visitors to our sites or keywords that have the earning per click is very expensive, but there are no visitors to click on our ads.Well, to maximize the CTR, then there are 5 rules that must be done:
1. Use ad formats that performance is very good compared to the others. Use the format of 250 × 250 rectangle.
2. Put an ad in the location is right and the best da page on our site (not a place that is often used by publishers in general).
3. Use the right color combination, this will make visitors feel interested. 
4. Make the background color the same color advertisement pages of our site, or try as closely as possible. 
5. Make the ad without border (boundary), by setting the border color equal to the background color of the ad.KeywordsWords that are appropriate for the existing pages Adsense is essential.Because the advertisers (adwords) just pay on certain keywords, and some keywords have a value which is very expensive compared to other keywords. If the subject is discussed on our site is what it is-that's all, and keywords that are used are not valued, then the ads are ads that appear too low value.ContentWriting content that is rich in targeted keywords is very important, and it is recommended to write content like every day. But to start a smooth path adsense, we need to have thousands of articles that are already published.(Free translation of: How to start sharply the Google Adsense Earnings.)Earn profit with adsense and affiliate marketingAre you a webmaster who needs funds to keep his site online? Or are you someone who wants to have income from the internet? Whoever you are, if you really want to make money, affiliate marketing may be a great choice. And if your site is rich in content is good, then why not participate in the Google Adsense program.Why is affiliate marketing?Well, because affiliate marketing is an easy and probably the best way to make money online, unless you are a businessman who prefers to sell your own products rather than selling other people's products on your site.Affiliate marketing is simply the relationship or agreement between two sites, where one site is as merchants and others as affiliates. In this connection, the affiliate agrees to display advertisements on the merchant site. While the merchant is willing to pay affiliates on the terms and methods that have been agreed. This can create income for the affiliate, simply by displaying ads on the merchant. For the merchant certainly does have the advantage, because they have an affiliate would reduce costs in terms advertise their products, when compared to paying an advertising company.There are several variations of methods on how the merchant pays their affiliates such as pay per click, pay per lead and pay per sale. Method of pay per click is very liked by the affiliate, because simply by "herding" the site visitor to the merchant's site sdh commissions earned. For the other two methods are more preferred by merchants, as a new commission if the visitor is given the-affiliate, to register or make a purchase products on the merchant site.Profit on affiliate marketing programs depends on the number of visitors to a website. Sites that are able to attract a lot of visitors have the opportunity to make more money from affiliate marketing programs.Then what about adsense?Google Adsense is actually the same as affiliate marketing programs, because it acts as an intermediary for the google-the-affiliates and merchants. The merchants and advertisers simply sign into google and create text ads that describe their products. Well, this ad will be given a link to the merchant site or advertisers, and the ads will be displayed on the google search engine, Webs owned by the affiliates or webmasters who have signed up to google adsense program.Although there are many similarities between adsense with affiliate marketing programs, but can also be found the difference. In Google Adsense, the owner of the web / web master just put the code on his site and Google will take care of the next step. Ads are displayed by Google is an ad that is actually relevant to the content of our site. So this will benefit the affiliate and the merchant, because the visitors of the site we will be more interested in the ads relevant to the content of the site.Compensation google adsense program-based pay-per-click. The advertisers would pay Google a certain amount each time their ad is clicked on our site. And google will give us the commission with a certain amount by check. Usually these checks will be mailed monthly. Besides google adsense also provides tools for monitoring (tracking tool) results occurring on the ads displayed.So where all this boils down to?Especially if not money, money and money! Program and Google Adsense affiliate marketing, can work in anyone, whether merchant or affiliate. On the merchant side, advertising expenditure savings can be made when compared to advertise the company of advertising. For site owners / webmasters, they could easily achieve a profit just by maintaining the quality of their site. And if we can combine affiliate marketing program with google adsense money didapatpun it could be bigger.May be useful ...(Free translation of: Google Adsense Profits Mixed In With Affiliate MarketingBy Emmanuel Aubrey)Tips to test and monitor adsense earningsAdsense, a phenomenon which gives great success for some webmasters, but the irony others do not get meaningful results. Most site owners achieve success in Adsense are people who are experts in the "sniff" the performance of their campaigns are doing and use the information they get to do a better campaign resulting in more clicks.Monitoring and testing are part of adsense and should be done to maximize the potential of your advertising campaign. The first step is lacaklah clicks to determine how well ads work for us. Adsense tracker (free lho) will provide detail on the statistics as soon as the java script has been placed on our site. Notice what happened and statistical evaluation of the results on each page.Some pages will give different results with others-try to find elements of what makes a page gives the best performance. Content, graphics and keywords are the factors that determine the performance of the web page. Use the best elements and monitor the statistics to find out whether the changes actually work.Adsense provides the advertiser are so many options in the advertisement. Almost all of the ads can be changed, including the size, shape and color, where it can increase clicks.If we still have not produced anything after this change, it may be time to start from scratch and create a new ad. The best advertisement for a website is advertising that works well with the rest of the page (the content). Make the ads we see fit with the look of the site, we can test the design of the site with adsense through statistics.Search engine optimization (SEO) is another element that can be determined from the results of tracking and test adsense. Keywords and ranking on the search engines can not be underestimated.Do not forget the competition, when so many competitors out there that use the same keywords the keywords are popular are not the best investment to generate traffic. Using keywords with a particular niche (niche keyword) could be a good idea, because it is a popular keyword, but not many people use. Keywords are also very focused on a specific market, which will allow us to compete even ahead of other competitors so as to attract visitors who can produce profit.Whatever step we choose to define keywords, and always monitor adsense clicks to see which gives the results on our website. Always monitor statistics is key to a successful Adsense.Increase Click Through Rate (CTR) AdSense with simple optimizationAs a publisher we have one question in common, how do I increase google adsense CTR. Whatever type of our web site with the large number of visitors but not making money because of the lack of clicks. I think this article needs to listen.Because our motives beradsense is improving CTR to generate profit. Actually a lot of ways to improve the CTR as placing adsense ads in several different locations with a variety of sizes. Yes this could work - I will not deny it. For example if you put adsense ads are striking a different color to the web page then maybe it has a low CTR.Must prioritize web pages should look attractive and have adsense ads look like part of the web page. Even the size of the ad can have an important role-just do not get too big .... if only we could imagine as visitors seeking specific information to solve the problem we are suddenly treated to ads that are large ... bete Yau.Adjust the size of the ad with the web page size and the size of the page content. Maybe in some places we just need to put a small ad and elsewhere we can put a large banner ad. Well that's a few tips to increase CTR but here our main strategy is to increase CTR content with keyword optimization and enhancements.Let us discuss the topic more. We may have heard about keywords, optimization, ranking, links etc.. But .... it means a lot of optimization. But based optimization dictionary means "to make the best of a situation or resources"It should be noted for the CTR is good, the most important ingredient is the content (content) that is rich with keywords. We need to compose and write good content and is in demand. We need to write content that is really needed by our site visitors. Example: If a visitor to our site looking for tips on marketing but the content of our site features tips on job interviews, then there is the visitor will close our site and very little chance of visitors clicking on your adsense ads because ads are displayed is certainly related to the interviews and the workplace .Back to our topic-when you have a good content writing with a specific target, the next is to determine certain keywords and unique. Determining unique keyword is somewhat difficult but try to use targeted keywords. In other words, create content and adsense ads are related. Even keywords must match ads and content, meaning that if visitors are looking for affiliate marketing and keyword pages of our site contains affiliate marketing and advertising that appear on the affiliate marketing then this will result in a very high probability we will adsense ads clicked by visitors, due to advertising topic according to what visitors are looking for.In conclusion: 
1. Good content with a specific target. 
2. Ads that appear according to the target content. 
3. Using keywords that match the content and advertising.Be combined to produce all three CTR okay loh ..Good luck ....By: Balakrishna G-27 654(Increase Google Adsense Ctr With Simple Optimization)How to avoid click fraud on adsenseMany site owners are googlenya account in severance, but they do not do hal2 distorted. Who is willing in severance? Because so many opportunities afforded For adsense make money.Similarly, Google is not willing to fraud committed by a handful of people, one of them is click fraud.Click fraud is a click that happens in order to get money from the advertisers. Simply mendapatkankan money but the wrong way. Many website owners are aware of this and realize that this is also one of the major problems faced by adsense.How to prevent click fraud?Most web hosting offers acces logs. It was necessary to give acces logs to google. So google can monitor any suspicious activity on our site. Because of issues like this very seriously, by giving access to google it will directly tell them that we also want to help in any way For facing this problem.Very helpful if we had a piece of software that monitors clicks. If you do not have, you should get it. Since most software is free anyway.Provide the information that you get to google. This will show that we are also fighting google click fraud and will not be part of it. Study your server logs and watch for suspicious activity. Report what we find is not a big problem and minor care.Allow us also to disable ads specific to IP address and the area close to our area. This is to prevent accidental and avoid wrong. Can be done through a htaccess file. This is to prevent that we did not expect our own ad clicks and leads us kicked out of adsense.Avoid adsense of pop ups and pop unders. Do not place adsense ads on content that promotes illegal activity or copyright owned by plowing or other business.Be honest on google when you click on an advertisement on our own whether intentionally or unintentionally. Or when we violate the Terms of Service (TOS). Honestly if we had done something wrong. It is better than we silently until google knows. Because it will lead to severance of google and we will lose what has been initiated since the beginning.If anyone contacts who know our adsense, make sure they understand that they do not click on adsense us in any situation. It does not hurt to tell a little bit about Adsense and what not to do.Kebanyakkan PPC networks already have different sizes to prevent the owner of the site do not click their own ads. Some search engines can track more than 50 data points, IP address, browser's information, user's session and recognize the trail. They also have a system for detecting fraud. Not to mention the specialized teams monitoring these things are going and helping advertisers to combat click fraud.What is the key to success of Adsense?Over the past few months, Google Adsense has become warm conversation in some forums, discussions and newsletters on the Internet. Already there are stories about people who become rich and make millions of dollars by just working from home. Looks like Google Adsense has dominated the internet marketing business and become one of the easiest ways to make money online.The key to success is placing adsense ads on web pages that have a high traffic keyword with a combination of the most requested. The higher price per click, the more money we can from the clicks on our web site. Of course, we'll get a bit of money if we are targeting a lower price per click advertising, especially if the ad we put on a little web page visitors.Now this almost every day millions of people are online and there is always that they "click" every day, then it is not surprising that the google adsense program quickly became popular.
 1. Increase visitors to our site as much as possible. The goal, we will work adsense ads more effective and will generate more clicks, which means more money generated. 
2. Place the Adsense links on pages that are little or not for profit. By placing Adsense on the page will reduce potential losses due to switching kesitus other visitors.For those who are still learning on the job, two factors are actually a good way to earn money from sites that have traffic (traffic) visitors. Most people use this strategy to make money via adsense. Google Adsense also provides benefits for a site that contains information about the focus provide free content to their visitors. Now they can make money from the services they provide. With so many techniques that have been developed to produce the easiest way to make money with google adsense, it is no wonder if google adsense is always updating and mempoles to retain existing image.Adsense allows us to have more than one site, so the opportunity to become better and generate income is not growing is not impossible.Even given the adsense feature may be said to spoil the owner of the site, such as: we may block the keyword low price per click, and in addition it can block the ads placed competitors of our efforts, so that their ads do not appear on the site.With Google Adsense, the chances are endless. That's why many people are "taking advantage" of easy money on Adsense. If you try the negative ways in adsense areas, it is not impossible to stop the forced google adsense program. If this happens, then we will go back to the old way of marketing in the surf is not as easy to make money adsense.Adsense one way of monetizing the site weExtra cash! who would kaga this while?You can earn extra money by displaying Adsense ads on a website / web. It is not even possible to make adsense as a source of our income. Ponder if if we could increase the number of clicks per page on the website, then the result is PROFIT (of course with a little effort).Google Adsense is a great way, simple alias kagak very bother to start an Internet business. By placing text and display Google Ads on the content then the chances of getting some extra cash wide open. Moreover, Google ads are related to what our visitors are looking for on our site. This is the advantage given so that we can google monetizing the site. The money that we receive depends on the advertisers budget and desired keywords. If advertisers choose more aggressive in advertising, with many people search for keywords that we will get more clicks mean adding dikantong our pockets.How can money from Adsense ads on our site? 
1. Become a member Adsense. Long guns anyway to create a google adsense account.
2. When Adsense receives our site. We will get the html code to put on the page or website you want.
3. We will immediately likely to get the amount of money from a few cents to several dollars per click by displaying ads on the site.Do not try to cheat yourself by clicking the google ads in order to increase your income, because this is one form of fraud and you can be punished with a cut off ties with google adsense banned alias.
4. Statistics Adsensemu is visible 24 hours (one day) simply by logging into your google account.If we are comfortable with the program and start making money Adsensemu then continued to try different ways to make more money. Do a comparison of our website to another website to provide knowledge of what programs are available to help us in making money.One factor that may affect the income is how well we implement the program.In general, a business site wants to make as much money as possible, This of course takes time and always by way of trial and error.How to make money from Adsense? 
1. It is important to choose one subject matter per page. Put some keywords in the page content. Visitors prefer ads that are relevant to that possibility more clicks. 
2. Use white space around the ads: this will attract the attention of visitors to see the ad. There are a variety of colors that can be used and is provided by google.
3. Be sure to test your ad placement, it is recommended to place the ads vertically. This means that ads placed vertically on the right side or the left side of the page. You can also try placing horizontal, but vertical is much more popular and likely to generate clicks.4. Make sure your page contains more content based on keywords, expand the theme of the site. Focus on the use of keywords or key phrases, it will optimize your pages in the search engines. So that will attract visitors to our site.

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