April 03, 2013

Getting Money from Blog Shortlink + review

Linkbucks an ad provider that uses links to marketing, very easy way just live to create a link on linkbucks a way to copy the link that is used, and linkbucks will replace the link to the link provided by linkbuck. At the time of linkbucks reader clicks the link, it will redirect to the original link us, it's just that there will be ads displayed according to the ad type you choose. So linkbuck is arguably more passive and facilitate members earn dollars.

Compared with PTC, linkbucks arguably more effiesien for several reasons below:
a. the generated linkbucks links are provided automatically
b. do not need to click-click advertising to get dollars
c. dollar payments varied by country of origin readers
d. linkbucks ads from unlimited
e. enough to share a link or put on your blog

1. Sign up here linkbucks members

2. If you are already registered
Simply click on the button "Create Links".
There are 3 options there, "Single Link", "Multiple Links", "Full Page Script".

To link one by one using Singe Link.
a. Simply by entering your original link that will be converted into a link to Convert.
b. Set Ad type (can Intermission, Top Banner, Pop Up, and Short Links)
c. Choose the URL Alias​​.
d. Landing Page Content is clean there are two options for all ages and all adult 18 + to adult content.
e. Click Generate, and share the link they get, the more you open the link the more dollars earned.

Creating links at once using Multiple Links.

  Javascript (Full Page Script) is used to automatically change the link on a web page / blog that we attach javascript code linkbucks.
a. Fill the form that appears when selecting a full page script.
b. Link Group Name is a group of script on this link, fill in whatever you like!!
c. Link Exclusion fill in when someone does not want to convert
d. Target Option fill your needs
e. Landing Page Content is clean there are two options for all ages and all adult 18 + to adult content.
f. Set Ad type (can Intermission, Top Banner, Pop Up, and Short Links) and choose the URL Alias​​.
g. Frequency Cap fill your needs (to limit clicks)
h. Click on the Generate button Javascript
i. It will appear the script and copy the script and go into your blog to the template HTML and paste javascript right before the </ body> save template and see the results. : D
Supplement to search </ body> use ctrl + F and enter "</ body>" and enter.

March 31, 2013

Get a free account from Gold

How to get a free account from Gold? Well it is very simple. Depositfiles made a campaign calling itself until 31/12/2010 Gold Night. This is after opening a free account (Free) to go on one of its partners promoting and click on a banner at a given time, and then we get a Gold account (called Premium in some of its competitors) for 24 hours or 1 week. The banners on the sites can benefit from this promotion for 1 hour every 24 hours, at a fixed time. Just so once the account to go click on the link every 24 hours or weeks for a continuous Gold account until the end of the year. To open an account you need is an email address, specify a user name, a username and password ...1. Opening an account We arrive at the following registration page where you fill in the various fields (marked in red):Get a free account from Gold ..2. Click on the following links for the indicated time(Summer time GMT +2 Paris)

1h to 2h :

4h to 5h : (clean)
7h to 8h : (SUSPICIOUS)
13h to 14h : (clean)
13h to 14h : (clean)
13h to 14h : (clean)
13h to 14h : (Tutorial)
16h to 17h : (clean)
18h to 19h : (clean)
22h to 23h : (SUSPICIOUS)
22h to 23h : (clean)
22h to 23h : (SUSPICIOUS)
22h to 23h : (SUSPICIOUS) (Tutorial) (Tutorial)

All these addresses were active in this publication. A text file (txt) containing these addresses also includes one other site with as 6am to 7am slot not shown here because adult content was visible without warning for the younger of us is available here. No checking the contents of its site has been verified. It is therefore the responsibility of everyone to ensure the legal content of these sites. 3. Click on the banner depositfile - Gold NightThe banner appears on one of the following forms:[TUTORIAL] Get a free account at Gold ..[TUTORIAL] Get a free account at Gold ..After clicking on it you must be back on the site, if everything went correctly you will see a message telling you that your account is past in gold:

Congratulations! You have now GOLD account!
Below there is a table with the latest lucky that your name will be registered as the happy winner with mention either 1 day (1day) or 1 week (1week). Once your reward expires you simply log into your account and go to click on one of the banners. If instead of the previous message telling you your winnings you get a message on the form:

Now the key is inactive. Please, try later. Time left to Gold Night: 1:05:05
This message indicates that for the moment the key is not active (not early), wait 1h05mn05s before the link becomes active for 1 hour. In this case, either you wait and you use the same link or you go to another site with the desired time. If you get the following message:

You have come from a Site That Does not participate in. the "Gold Night."
To apply for participation you can here. is that the link is no longer valid or not, it will look for another. [Post by the gold-Source +]

March 14, 2013

The Best Gold Investment

Gold is a good instrument and a promising prospect for the future, because the value of gold is widely used as the support of the economy and industry, and gold can not be made by humans. The value of gold is predicted to continue to rise. But we are also often faced with ignorance how to maximize them.
In addition, we also often puzzled at the choice TRADING INVESTMENT GOLD or GOLD, What is it? and which one is best?
Let us distinguish between the meaning of investment prior to the Trading
Investments that means we sit silent (passive) and benefit or for the purpose of increasing Capital Gains. Capital Gains are increasing our capital money. But be careful, because in today's world a lot of fraud and improper investments on behalf of the momentum of the booming gold investment, whether it's a gold mine, gathering gold, gold stocks, and everything related to gold by providing high-interest fixed income return, but all of that if we want to study more thoroughly and to open the eyes and minds wider, they were in fact fictitious and dangerous, and can not for the long term. (Only benefit the "villain" of the investment managers are bulging., And it can be called Time Bomb)
While the Trading sense that means we have to manage and transact Active (as well as trade), in order to obtain Cash Flow or Active Income (income). But to be successful in this trade, we must master the products or strategies in order to trade well.
What if I want to combine the two, if I could?
Could be, but to be able to combine both of these methods then you must master the calculations and strategies, so that you can trade at the same time by investing for capital gains and generate cash flow when there is momentum.
This combined technique can only happen in MARGIN TRADING system, or commonly called or FUTURES TRADING FUTURES CONTRACT.
To be able to do Gold Investment in a way that is safe and inexpensive, you should pay attention to the following:

    GOLD BROKERS ARE SAFE. Choose to trade in the Company Broker or Broker credible, legitimate and secure. This is important because for the security of your money fund placement. We suggest to choose a company that has been registered broker gold also in NFA, CFTC.
    DOMINATE calculations. Once you master the calculations, then you can be more independent and mature to determine the strategic direction and plan your financial arrangements.
    CAPITAL. Obviously it takes some capital money to get started. Our advice is provide minimum capital Approximately Rp.9 million (or $ 1,000 U.S. Dollars).
    DISCIPLINE HIGH. It is forbidden to deviate or do not adhere to the rules in the application of the technique is averaging 200. Because it can be very risky if you are not disciplined.
    FACILITIES COMPANY BROKER supporting this technique is applied to the maximum, the facility Interest Free Admission, No Commission, Volume Lot Flexible, Not Type Bandar (due to payment security in large numbers later), and it is recommended to choose a broker that uses Metatrader 4 software.
With $ 1000 you can actually buy gold to = 3.1 kg. But we are NOT Teach you how to buy gold at $ 1,000 3.1 kg in futures trade this kind, because frankly that way (full margins or the full lot) is VERY DANGEROUS.
We will teach you some easy steps how to raise your gold account with ease, the maximum, BUT Stay Safe.
First, you must open a real account at the broker can receive gold trading facilities with a safe, legal (regulated) and credible. Our favorite is at brokerage firm GAINSCOPE.COM (, because in addition to safe and legal, in GainScope can be obtained free of charge flowers stays, minor capital, no commissions, can gold micro, there reportnya user via web, free thieves, etc ... that support for the application of this strategy to the maximum.
once you have a trading account in, then you can perform the following steps in managing the transaction in your trading account, namely:

    Apply for Interest Free (free admission) in advance to support CS, with mengiriman email, and ask for the interest-free feature is enabled.
    If your capital is less than $ 2000 (below Rp.20 million), the Ask also request changes to 1:400 leverage. Leverage is the amount of leverage or margin in your trading account, learn more about it can be studied in
    The above features you must ask BEFORE you order transactions or open positions in your trading account.
    This feature can be activated normally within 1-2 working days after the request.
    After 1-2 business days, to ensure that the feature has been activated for you, then you can send an email back to them to ask certainty first before starting.
    Learning how to perform transactions in Metatrader trading software (if not understand):
After all the preparations have been done, then do the following to start trading and investing at the same time:
(ATTENTION! Way following calculations are based practices and transactions with broker GAINSCOPE.COM reference only, while the other is a different kind of broker)

    IMPORTANT!! WATCH THE TERMS OF CAPITAL AND HIS VOLUME LOT. Capital $ 1,000 (Rp 10 million) MUST use lots beginning with 0.01 lot, for a capital of $ 5000 (50 million) use lots beginning with 0:05 lot, while capital $ 10,000 (Rp 100 million) is to use 0.1 lot, and for capital $ 100,000 (Rp1 M) is using 1 lot, and so on.
    Perform Trade only XAUUSD alone instrument (Gold or Gold), with a BUY position (Buy), and Do not Sell or Sell. Since the trend of gold is actually more inclined to go up than down. (Read how to do transactions:
    Since your goal as well as for gold investment then DO NOT use SL (stop loss) in this method. (The application of this method Risk control Managementnya BEDA)
    When Gold prices decline as much as any $ 200 (20000 points) then do order Buy back for Averaging (equalization technique), on the same lot volume (not to be raised or folded). Example: the price of gold from $ 1,800.00 down to $ 1,600.00 (down $ 200) then the order back to the position and the volume BUY SAME lot to its original position. (You can use the Buy Limit pending order to not have to constantly monitor in front of the monitor)
    Keep going until you reach level 4 Buy (if a decline in the price of gold). When you reach level 4 Buy it means gold prices have dropped so powerful as much as $ 800 ($ 200 x 4), and at that moment preparing to menengguk incredible profits. But if the drop rate of gold up to 4 x 20 thousand points is a very unusual condition and in fact has never happened.
    In this decreased to 4 (80 thousand points) you should be prepared to INJECT funds, as to keep the gold in the event of a decrease again, but this possibility is 1%, while 99% of them will definitely rebound up. Given the basic price of gold today is actually the lowest at $ 1200.
    You may use Averaging Buy under $ 200 (under a 20 thousand points of gold), for example a $ 50 s / d per $ 100 (per 5000-10000 points), taking into account that its lowest point after 4x averaging is touched in the gold price of $ 1200. For example: suppose the current gold price at $ 1600, you may use the averaging per $ 100, for $ 100 x 4 times reduction is = $ 400, which is where the $ 1600 - $ 400 = $ 1200, and at that point the lowest point of the current gold price. This may be done if the condition is so. So it does not always refer to a $ 200 (20 thousand pips) decrease in gold.
How to take advantage?
You can take the advantage when it reaches its profit from the Balance (of your capital) of 10% - 15% or more to enjoy the cash flow purposes. Depending on your own tolerance.
What benefits can be achieved?
There is no reference to this case, because the dynamic nature of the gold market, so the method is more suitable to be used with minimal capital investment gold but with maximum results.
According to the experience that occurred in previous years returnnya can range from 20% to over 100% per year (depending on the condition of the gold market and you get to the market momentum).
Averaging techniques are 200 in Gold for Investment and also be able to get Income or Cash Flow in a certain momentum.
This technique is suitable for ALL people, both novices, professionals or retirees who want to trade gold with a relaxed style but very safe. The key ONLY Discipline to follow the rules, and have patience
A SURE THING THAT CAN BE OBTAINED FROM THIS METHOD IS YOUR GAIN CAPITAL GROWTH IN PLACE WITH THE INCREASE IN THE PRICE OF GOLD PESAT. (+ 99.9% Guaranteed Very Safe compared to other methods, and arguably close to risk free)

Gold Investment The Most Secure review

Gold Investment to be the best option in the interest of the people in the world especially for women. According to wikipedia definitions own gold is a metal that is soft and malleable, hardness ranged between 2.5 - 3 (Mohs scale), as well as its density depends on the type and content of other metals combined therein.

Currently the price of gold continues to rise, so many people who continue to invest gold as one of their business opportunities. It is really caught my attention and you certainly do not you?, Well in this article I will give a few tips for those of you who want to try to explore the gold investment business.

Investasi Emas e1329117071259 Investasi Emas Yang Paling Aman 

For the first time you plunge in gold investments I recommend choosing gold as the precious metal is not gold in the form of jewelry, so that the level of risk of loss less if you have the gold to be resold.

You can buy the precious metal weighing 25 grams before but if you have more money you can buy the precious metal weighing 100 grams in order to get a cheaper price.

The right time to buy gold is when gold prices fall and sell when the gold price rises, but you do not do it in a short time at least 6 months of you buying gold.

If an when you need the money and are not memliliki enough money to cover your needs do not you sell gold that you have purchased but I suggest to you though gold pawn pawn gold price lower than the market price of gold but the gold you pledge still belongs you and urgent needs can be met.

Gold Investment In Bank

The precious metal gold is very vulnerable to theft, and for those of you who do not need the money and want to save it I suggest you keep the gold in the bank because the government is not too expensive administrative costs and ensure the safety of your gold investment.

March 09, 2013

List ADFLY and Earn Dollars by making your short LINK

List ADFLY and Earn Dollars by making your short LINK

Shorter URL that the dollar is is one such site that functions the same tinyurl to shorten the url link. But the fundamental difference is that every link that we put on the shrink man then we will get a dollar from there.

At the time of our links in original shrink the indirect link is displayed but the page your ad will fulfill your browser page, now you can find the original link destination by clicking the "skip ad" on the top right corner.

On the other hand when the link is clicked so that's where we penghasilkan calculated very easily not. For those of you who have a blog associated with the file upload problem (maybe the blog software, music, etc.) is worth a try because you can combine it with a file upload program, which will be paid if the file you downloaded and uploaded at worth a try.
Well, if you are interested in joining, following brief guide:     Register on the website click here » list     If the register is complete, simply login to your account.     To make a short URL, please paste the original URL in the address menu shrink!, Continue clicking »Srhrink!     Wait a moment ...     When finished it will display the results of short URL link, please copy in your blog, forum etc..As I explained at the beginning was, every person who clicks your short URL, then the next page will display the ad pages, to continue simply click the "SKIP AD" on the upper right corner.

Skip Ad Adf.Ly

Finally, congratulations wash dollar! : lol:

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The system is designed to help you promote your site by increasing the number of visitors that actually view your site.

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1. Register first to

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 4. Having ascertained your blog is already listed, there are 2 options to seek credit in EasyHits4U, Start Surfing (2:1, 15sec) means that every 15 seconds you will receive 0.5 credit clicked and Start Surfing (1:1, 20sec), meaning that every 20 seconds you will be able to click on one credit. If I anjurin select the Start Surfing (1:1, 20sec) wrote, because most of that was using that.

5. After that, look at the top left corner, there will be pictures, and there is next to countdown from 20 seconds, wait until it says GO, select one of the images between the two images of the same, then one click you will get one credit, imagine aja if you are able to click on 1000 images a day, visitors in one day you could reach 300-800 visitors a day.

sign up in paisalive for online earning

March 05, 2013

How to start direct deposit or change your information

How to start direct deposit or change your information

You can have the following amounts deposited directly into your account at a financial institution in Canada:
  • your income tax refund, goods and services tax/harmonised sales tax (GST/HST) credit including certain related provincial payments, working income tax benefit (WITB) advance payments, and any other deemed overpayment of tax to which you are entitled or to which you may become entitled;
  • your Canada child tax benefit (CCTB) payments including those from certain related provincial or territorial programs; and
  • your universal child care benefit (UCCB) payments.
Your direct deposit request will stay in effect until you change the information or cancel the service.
If you move, let us know your new address as soon as possible. Otherwise, your payments may stop, whether you receive them by cheque or direct deposit.

If you are changing any bank account held in Canada into which we deposit a payment, be sure to tell us about your new bank account. In addition, do not close the old bank account before we deposit the payment into the new bank account.

If your financial institution in Canada notifies us of a change in your banking information, we will deposit your payments into the new bank account.

If, for any reason, we cannot deposit your payment into the bank account held in Canada, we will mail a cheque to you at the mailing address we have on file.
You can also request direct deposit for the following payments from Service Canada:

By Internet

You can view, start, change or stop your direct deposit information by using My Account.

By mail

With your income tax and benefit return: To start direct deposit or to change information you have already given us, complete the "Direct deposit - Start or change" section on page 4 of your return. If you want your CCTB payments deposited in the same account, simply check box 463. If you want your UCCB payments deposited in the same account, simply check box 491. If you want them to be deposited into a different account, complete and attach a Form T1-DD(1), Direct Deposit Request - Individuals, to your return.
At any other time: If you would like to start direct deposit, or to change information you have already given us, complete a Form T1-DD(1), Direct Deposit Request - Individuals, and mail it to the same tax centre where you sent your return, using the mailing address provided on the form.

By phone

You can call 1-800-959-8281 if you need help to complete the direct deposit information, or to cancel the direct deposit service.
To help prevent fraud, we do not accept changes to your banking information over the phone. The only changes we can make are to cancel the direct deposit for any of your payments, or to arrange for additional payments to be deposited into an existing direct deposit account.

Getting Money from Blog Shortlink + review

Linkbucks an ad provider that uses links to marketing, very easy way just live to create a link on linkbucks a way to copy the link that is ...