March 09, 2013

List ADFLY and Earn Dollars by making your short LINK

List ADFLY and Earn Dollars by making your short LINK

Shorter URL that the dollar is is one such site that functions the same tinyurl to shorten the url link. But the fundamental difference is that every link that we put on the shrink man then we will get a dollar from there.

At the time of our links in original shrink the indirect link is displayed but the page your ad will fulfill your browser page, now you can find the original link destination by clicking the "skip ad" on the top right corner.

On the other hand when the link is clicked so that's where we penghasilkan calculated very easily not. For those of you who have a blog associated with the file upload problem (maybe the blog software, music, etc.) is worth a try because you can combine it with a file upload program, which will be paid if the file you downloaded and uploaded at worth a try.
Well, if you are interested in joining, following brief guide:     Register on the website click here » list     If the register is complete, simply login to your account.     To make a short URL, please paste the original URL in the address menu shrink!, Continue clicking »Srhrink!     Wait a moment ...     When finished it will display the results of short URL link, please copy in your blog, forum etc..As I explained at the beginning was, every person who clicks your short URL, then the next page will display the ad pages, to continue simply click the "SKIP AD" on the upper right corner.

Skip Ad Adf.Ly

Finally, congratulations wash dollar! : lol:


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